Thursday, 14 January 2021

Should I move or remodel?


Remodel or move?

The question which drives homeowners mad --if I remodel or move? The issue is both exciting and frightening. On the flip side, the two choices result in renovated houses. On the flip side, both choices include a great deal of strain and require commitment and time. We'll assist you to consider both alternatives thoroughly

Think about the following facets:

Do you enjoy where you live?

The very first matter to think about is straightforward. If you have lived in the same house for 15 years and love your area then you might want to remain. Your children may have developed locality friendships, you may be close to your workplace or school, and maybe your neighborhood community is that you could have wanted.

A sudden move will place those small perks in the past. It's true that you'll eventually adjust and sure your new home could get the job done much more to your favor, however is that a risk you're willing to take?

It's very important to take into account the big picture. The question"if I remodel or move?" Defaults the house to the foreground and forces all other facets to the backdrop. Ultimately, environment, friendships, and advantage play substantial roles in your daily life.

Consider time Ingestion

Last, think about the period of effort and time that each choice will need. Based upon the intricacy of the undertaking, it might be a couple of months before your house is fully operational. From the time your house remodeling project is finished, you could have likely been settled into a new residence.

In reality, moving and remodeling both come with good anticipation, it is only up to you as to which is more important for youpersonally. It takes a longer time that you choose a new house as it requires you to settle on a remodeling contractor. They are equally critical choices, but it is safe to state that a new house is a more important decision than choosing a builder.

There is not as much pressure in picking the proper contractor than there is in picking the right home. Odds are, your builder will meet or exceed your expectations, but a new home is a long-term investment for which you will be entirely responsible.

There is a lot to the conclusion: if I move or remodel? We fully understand. Ultimately, you're probably going to end up going along with your gut. Just be sure you can afford whichever choice you make, and make sure you consider the overall living scenarios for you and your family.

If You'd like an estimate to determine where you stand from a remodeling perspective, phone at 01825 480 119. We provide specialist remodeling solutions for many parts of the house. We'll walk you through pricing, timelines and job details. Please visit our site — and our blog for extra input.

Friday, 30 October 2020

Flooring Design Trends in 2020

Hardwood Is Still the Popular Choice

Hardwood flooring keeps growing in popularity, and is far and away the favored flooring option for homes. Even though there's a growing collection of flooring materials that attempt to mimic the appearance of timber, most homeowners still want the timeless, classic beauty of the real thing. Man-made materials simply can not replicate the warmth, style and organic relaxation that a wood floor brings to your home. It doesn't hurt that wood floors add value to your home, last a lengthy time, and can be refinished as tastes or style trends evolve.

What's Trending for Hardwood in 2020

Colour trends for 2020 are intriguing in that they represent different ends of the spectrum, based on your own taste and style goals. Grey tones of the last few years have been gradually transitioning in color towards lighter and beige earth tones. So much so, the"greige" has really become a color used to refer to this transitional palette spectrum. By and large, the color palette is shifting toward natural and light wood tones. Floors of light blond or warm honey give a warm, airy and open feel that create spaces feel larger, yet welcoming.

On the opposite side of the colour spectrum, dark and rich tones are extremely hot right now. Think along the lines of chocolate or deep espresso. These lavish dark tones are rich and elegant, putting the state to make striking interior design contrasts.

Regardless of color options, wider boards for strip floors are incredibly common. Planks, 5 inches or wider, show off the beauty of the wood and helps make rooms seem larger.

Past Strip Flooring

In the beginning of 2019, there was a noticeable gain in the popularity of parquet flooring. The coming years should show an even more substantial growth in this versatile hardwood flooring option. The beauty of parquet lies from the nearly unlimited number of alternatives available to homeowners today. Parquet comes in a huge variety of patterns and forests, and can be laid in a number of methods to increase your design choices even more. Depending on how you design it, parquet floors may be used to create traditional classic styles, or magnificent modern interiors.

The last notable trend in flooring is really a manifestation of a wider tendency in American consumerism. More and more, homeowners are looking for products that are manufactured right here in the USA. For hardwood flooring, this is especially true in regards to our domestic species: oak, maple, hickory, etc.. Consumers understand that when they're buying 100% American made flooring, they are getting the best materials, craftsmanship and construction available. Also important, is they are very likely supporting businesses who believe in responsible manufacturing, and creating safe, healthy, green products which will endure a lifetime in their property.

For a plethora of reasons, hardwood floors continues to grow in popularity, without any signs of slowing down. The only issue is, which style is best for you?

Tuesday, 25 August 2020


 Your brand hardwood floor has now been carefully installed and finished, so what is there left to do?

Thankfully, not much. The beauty of oak flooring, such as every hardwood flooring, is you will only need some simple maintenance and care to look after it and keep it in excellent condition for decades to come.

Choose the Right End

One of the most significant things that you have to do, even before your flooring is installed, is selecting the most appropriate finish to suit your home. After all, not everyone will want the exact same appearance in their flooring or have the exact same level of activity in their house, all of which impact which complete you should select.

By way of example, a lacquer finish provides your flooring anything from a set matt to a high gloss finish, depending on what is preferred, and is quite easy to care for. An oil finish, on the other hand, will give your floor a far more natural"soaked in" appearance that tends to float towards more of a matt look and can be quite easily patch repaired if the demand arise.

Besides pets and particular footwear, the most common cause of marks and scratches on solid oak flooring is furniture. Whenever large pieces of furniture and intentionally or intentionally moved, they can make a permanent mark. Even something as simple as getting up from a seat can scratch your floors if done without care. To stop this from happening, invest in certain felt covers to the bottom of your furniture. These cheap bits of felt easily adhere to the bottoms of tables, chairs, and couches, providing a gentle buffer between your furniture and the floor. It should go without saying that if you are moving any heavy pieces of furniture in a room with hardwood floors, you ought to lift it rather than dragging it across the ground.

Know How To Properly Clean Solid Oak Flooring

Cleaning solid pine flooring could not be any simpler and certainly will go a long way in keeping your hardwood floor in good condition. The first step would be to sweep the ground using a brush to remove dust and dirt every couple of days or so depending on the degree of footfall in the room. It is also possible to do this step with a vacuum cleaner but make sure that you have an appropriate hardwood flooring compatible attachment until you do this, otherwiseyou can scratch the end.

For a clean, you can also wash your hardwood flooring once each week or so but take care to use a damp mop rather than a moist one.

Friday, 31 July 2020


You want a East Essex hardwood flooring restoration & repair pro to improve your property and possibly get it ready for market.

Before you rush out and hire the very first company you find on the web (or get through reference from the Aunt Mable), step back and be strategic.

Unless you have completed a company with a contractor before, you are going to have to perform due diligence. Here's a step-by-step procedure that will assist you create an effective option.

1. "First who, then what"

You may be tempted to determine what you want done and then start looking for the ideal person/company to perform the job. This approach is backwards. There are too many subtleties into the repair/restoration process. You can not possibly research and understand all the technology, materials, processes, costs, and limitations to the restoration.

This is not to say you shouldn't do any investigating to figure out if you want, for example, laminate floors or polished concrete.

First, find a fantastic company or person, and then let that business or person help you build a strategy to find the work done correctly.

2. To produce the contracting process easy, figure out what you don't want to take place.

You have to set your principles for the project upfront. A great means to do so is to fill in the blanks into the next sentence:"I would delegate this repair/restoration procedure to somebody else, provided that she..." Answers might include"cap the budget to X dollars" or"finish within three weeks" or"did not create any horrible aesthetic choices." Distill your principles before you start searching for contractors that will help you select fantastic men and women.

3. When you've laid this groundwork, do research but constrain yourself.

Pick three Essex hardware restoration/repair companies which deem"good" according to the thinking you did in step 2. Then interview the builders about your job. Don't let the decision-making process drag out too long. It's not like you are picking a cardiovascular surgeon. You simply want a fantastic company that is licensed, ethical and experienced -- ideally, one which has officially excellent reviews from satisfied clients who needed similar work.

Once you've hired a builder, monitor the progress and retroactively figure out if you made a good choice. Use this process when you need to hire a contractor for any repair job.

Please consider connecting with the group here at Floor Sanding East Sussex For your repair/restoration needs. Discover more about us at

Tuesday, 2 June 2020


Ugly Blisters Could Ruin a Floating Floors -- What to do?

It is every house remodeler's worst nightmare. To put in a top of the line hardwood flooring. Everything looks excellent. Thenout of nowhere, gruesome grayish blisters pop up all around the ground, like the hardwood needed contracted any gruesome, highly communicable African American plague. Walking on those blisters pops up them,
Releasing the stagnant odor of finish.

What went wrong with my flooring?

Probably, vapor emissions -- out of concrete or from some other origin under the ground -- caused
Moisture to migrate in the hardwood to form those blisters.

If you fail to check your floor and subfloor for moisture, you put yourself up to get a blister disaster.
Your heating system, for instance, can suck moisture in the slab just as the finish cooks,
Causing each the bubbleishness. Once these blisters occur -- unless you want to depart the plague-
Like bubbles set up -- you need to scrap the job, tear up the ground, and replace it completely.

To prevent this from happening in Your House or rec Area:

Use a hygrometer to measure humidity of both the wood flooring and the subfloor;
The NWFA has setup guidelines;
Also, have a look at the manufacturer's instructions.
When homeowners embark on"do it yourself" experiences, unexpected problems -- like this
Bubbling problem -- often appear, creating havoc, missed deadlines, tens of thousands of dollars of
unexpected costs, and outrage.

To spare yourself the hassle and frustration, join with the group at at 01825 480 119. We provide free quotes, and also our Diamond-certified professionals can help you figure
Out the ideal solution for your East Sussex Area hardwood flooring refinishing, installation, or cleaning
needs. You can also join with us at .

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Which Wood Flooring Should I Choose?

When it comes to choosing the ideal wood flooring for your re-flooring project, a lot will depend on your own personal taste and room in the home you're working with. Inside this guide to which floors you should select, we will take you on a journey through the house, room by room, giving you tips and hints on what you need to take into account.


Regardless of whether you are a couple or a family with five or six kids, your hallway is very likely to clock more footfall than every other area in the house. It is because of this you want to settle on a wood flooring alternative that will stand up to a fairly intense wear and tear. If you do not have under floor heating on your hallway, you're going to have the ability to select between engineered or solid wood flooring. In case you have under floor heatingsystem, afterward engineered flooring is the ideal way forward . If it comes to complete, both lacquered and oiled finishes have their benefits, but something to keep in mind while you're planning your hardwood floors to your hallway would be to put money into a very effective, higher excellent doormat to protect your flooring.

Lounges or sitting chambers

Because lounges and sitting rooms are likely to have a reasonably simple time in regards to wear and tear, you should be able to allow your creativity to go pretty crazy when choosing your wood flooring. Depending on the proportions of your space, you are plump for a narrow or a wide board to balance out any room disproportion or to create a stunning visual impact. In any event, the tremendous choice of wood flooring available nowadays will let you select anything out of an almost white board to a black board without breaking the budget. This means is that you are able to create a look for your couch or sitting area using the furniture you already have or the furnishings you intend to buy.

Dining rooms

The riding component in almost any dining area is, unsurprisingly, your table. Quite often nowadays, dining rooms are normally on the side and at times will need to double up as a space with a secondary purpose, including a home office. In any event, you may use your selection of wood floors to strengthen the style you are looking for. It can be that you are following a light and airy appearance with a few understated chic thrown in; or you might choose to produce a proper and classic looking background for the furnishings. In any event, once more, if you do not have under floor heating, then you are going to be free to select between engineered or solid wood floors and any end you prefer. If it comes to plank thickness, again you may want to fortify the proportions of your space or make a funky, from the box appearance. This chevron floor is a fairly new and extremely stylish alternative that's very ideal for dining rooms.


It is because of this that engineered timber flooring is, with no doubt the ideal alternative for kitchens. When you pick the wood floor for your kitchen, ensure the end you select is going to resist possible spills and stains in addition to being easy to clean. A top tip for matching your floors is to create access to some pipework or drains fine and simple, just incase of accidents or leaks in the long run.


Yet more, baths will probably suffer substantial temperature and moisture fluctuations and as a result of that are fitted with engineered timber flooring. Which option you choose will be based on the appearance you are trying to make, but a number of the whitewashed or troubled choices produce a beautiful shack fashion appearance.


Bedrooms are the ideal place to allow your imagination to go wild when it comes to hardwood flooring. You can either choose to have the identical wood flooring in each of your bedrooms or choose a theme for every and every one. You might, for example, decide on a designer and dark look in 1 room, a light, whitewashed New England look in a different and a warm, honey toned oak affair for the final room. Yet again, in case you don't have under floor heating, then you'll be able to elect for either engineered or solid wood flooring.

Attic conversions

Attic conversions tend to have quite a bit of sun and can get quite hot in summertime and cold in winter time if your roof insulation is not all it ought to be. Bearing this in mind, it is probably a sensible choice to choose engineered timber flooring so that you don't have the probability of harm caused by temperature increases and falls. Another thing to think about in a loft conversion is the finish on your floor. In case you have a great deal of sunlight in your loft conversion, then it's worth buying a UV finish on your floor so it won't fade with the excess light.

Home offices

Finally, with an increasing number of people choosing to work at home, there is more and more demand for floor to match the home office environment. If you are planning to spend all your working hours in this area, you need to choose an option that delights you as well as having the ability to stand up to the wear and tear, especially around the desk area. On the premise that this room is not very likely to be all that large, another advantage is that you may allow your funding go to pot!

Friday, 14 February 2020

Wood Flooring For Restaurant Renovation

For anyone seeking to re-launch an present restaurant by giving it a brand new look or to renovate or refurbish a restaurant that's new for them, among the most crucial decisions on your inside decision-making checklist is likely to be the flooring.

There's no getting away from the fact that among your most important hopes and desires when making your new or re-vamped restaurant company is you will have high footfall and may well, from time to time have significant footfall. In many ways these factors should be as important on your flooring decision-making process as the appearance that you're attempting to attain. That said, they're sadly often overlooked.

In this article we'll look at the practical in addition to the design elements which you should take into consideration when planning hardwood floors for a restaurant renovation.

Require a sensible approach

High footfall refers to the amount of individuals coming into your environment and heavy footfall refers to people who come to a restaurant who may (inadvertently) cause more wear and tear than usual.

Though your restaurant will naturally welcome all of these people with open arms to be able to make sure they have a pleasurable experience, will tell their family and friends about it and will return, the impact of the traffic on your flooring shouldn't be underestimated. When you're organizing your restaurant renovation project, it's important to take both these variables into consideration.

Something else you ought to take into consideration is whether your dining area on your restaurant has under floor heating. Any room which has under floor heating should be floored with engineered rather than solid hardwood floors . This is due to the fact that the temperature changes which come about through the direct heat on the floor under floor heating would cause damage to solid wood floor since it isn't as secure an alternative as engineered wood flooring.

When it comes down to upkeep, needless to say your restaurant flooring will need to be spotlessly clean at all times. There's an entire range of wood floors finishes, from highly natural appearing brushed and oiled at a end of the spectrum to lacquered in the other. That you select will be based on the look you're trying to achieve; your expected footfall and how ready you are to invest in continuing maintenance.

Celebrate layout

One of the chief factors that helps distinguish a restaurant at the crowded market, apart of course
from it is food, is its appearance. Restaurants are jockeying for position by coming up with new and innovative interior designs that appeal to their target market. No matter whether you are planning a traditional appearance, a cutting edge designer look or a shabby chic look, there's no getting away from the fact that a wood flooring will offer the perfect backdrop.

Colour is very likely to be a main factor in your considerations and this is the area where wood actually comes into its own. As a completely natural item, wood flooring comes in a simply astounding range of colours which will almost leave you spoilt for choice. Regardless of whether you decide on a natural palate of beiges, browns and honey tones or if you would like to go completely monochrome you can with solid or engineered wood. You can even choose an in between option if you are not sure by deciding upon a grey tone that would work with either monochrome dressings or more neutral environment. With timber, the choice really is yours.

So there you have it, a number of the design and practical considerations for wood flooring for restaurant renovation. We hope this article has helped direct you in your decision, but if you'd like more help, why not get in contact?